Gartner Cool Vendor


Last year was a big year for Elevaate. This year is shaping up to be even bigger. Not just because we’re seeing more of the profound impact technology is having for innovators in retail (paywall) on a daily basis, but because the more well established champions of large scale commerce are increasingly turning the corner and embracing what fresh thinking and new technology platforms can deliver.

Our latest news is a great example of this. Quick on the heels of being shortlisted for Retail Week Technology Initiative of the year 2016, Elevaate has now been named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Consumer Goods and Manufacturing for 2016 (paywall). One of only four – in the world – to be named in what is a very large space.

The report
Of course, we at Elevaate are delighted with this. In the report, Gartner states the vendors named “use a set of innovative IT application approaches that can enable profitable sales growth, improve manufacturer-retailer collaboration, align manufacturer activities to real consumer needs and opportunities, drive profitable engagement with consumers and retailers, and help turn data into actionable insights.” If you haven’t already read the report, I recommend that you do (Gartner subscribers will find it on their website using the link above).

It’s proof that, for organisations with reputations that depend on objectively assessing what options are out there and which digital retail solutions you should pay close attention to, are arriving at similar conclusions:

Elevaate is worth a closer look and can make a tangible, incremental difference to both your unit sales performance and your professional relationships.

With well respected world class credibility to consider, these are not designations handed out lightly. Indeed, Gartner’s analysts have prodded, poked, asked difficult questions and really got under the hood of what’s possible with Elevaate. They’ve interrogated and analysed what we offer alongside many, many other solutions. They have visibility across retail and the global digital landscape that very few have the benefit of being able to draw from. They have the data and can see the trends for where modern business is heading and where competitive edge will likely be found. In short, they have a clear view of what will define the winners and losers in the race.

And that’s why we’re so proud. After all that, they’ve named Elevaate as an innovator that enables businesses to compete more effectively. Yes, we are your competitive advantage.

It’s naturally a point of view we share, but also one that thought leaders, innovators and, frankly, the more digitally savvy professionals in business are arriving at more and more often. For the ones that try it, Elevaate is rewarding with performance that, after placing close to 300 million products, is delivering an average lift in sales of 145% above anything being done previously (in some instances it’s as much as 800% and 60:1 return on investment).